“After Parkland” is a rare and intimate portrait of the private journeys

of those who rose to challenge the nation to end gun violence.

The filmmakers followed students and families directly affected by the shooting, from its immediate aftermath to the beginning of the next school year.

Trigger Warning: gunshots at 0:25 - 0:32

"Intimate, sensitively made and moving."

"It's a film that couldn't be more urgent."

"To say the emotion in “After Parkland” is raw would be an understatement."

"The survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school shooting take center stage in a smartly constructed look at grief and healing."

"...A deeply powerful, moving, heart-wrenching experience."

"... A must-see ... While the film is a portrait of trauma and grief, it is also an inspiring testament to courage, strength, love and the resolve to change America for the better."

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